At the Ready Companies, our philosophy is simple – we take care of you, our workers, so that you can take care of our customers. By providing you with the support you need to do the job and do it well, we create an environment of success.
What we do for you.
At The Ready Companies, we work with you and your individual circumstances to make it as easy as possible for you to perform the job. Because we’re locally owned and family operated, we can quickly accommodate your needs. For example, we provide:
  • Free transportation to and from the jobsite 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Free use of work equipment, tools and uniforms.
  • Daily paychecks, if requested, at no additional charge.
  • Affordable sack lunches to take on the job.
  • Fair, firm, open-minded and personal service.
  • Free and secure storage of personal belongings while at the jobsite.
  • Various shifts on weekdays, nights and weekends.
  • A Safety Award program that includes a $150 bonus after every 1,000 safe hours worked in a fiscal year.
Also, be assured that your safety is one of our primary goals. We won’t ask you to take on certain jobs without OSHA-approved fall protection in place, for example. And if we feel that good safety practices aren’t being observed by the customer on the jobsite, we’ll pull you off the job for your protection.
What we need from you.
When you’re a part of our team, you’ll need to remember just a few things.
  • You must have valid, government-issued ID to satisfy the I-9 form.
  • You will need to report to one of our offices prior to dispatch.
  • You will need to dress appropriately for working on industrial jobsites. If you need equipment, tools or a uniform, we’ll supply that for you.
Here’s the bottom line: We’re there for you, so you can be there for the customer.
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